Livestock liquid feed and Odor Eliminator


EXTRACT of Mohave Yucca cactus from the deserts of Nevada & Arizona USAFree of chemicals, non-toxic, harmless to animals, plants or people. Contains no corrosive, volatile, dangerous, caustic or flammable element.

Derived from a combination of natural botanical compounds and plant steroidal saponins that accelerate the activity of friendly bacteria thus facilitating the multiplication of digestive enzymes.

BD works quickly and naturally to reduce significantly or eliminate entirely emissions of ammonia (NH3), Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Methane gases.

Ideal for

Waste Water treatment plants, Sewage Lagoons,

Septic tanks, Land Fill sites, Poultry & Hog barns etc.


It is 100% Organic. Can be applied directly to the drinking water of the livestock, reducing stress in the animal thus reducing mortality. It helps in treating the animal urine and feces prior to elimination.

BD as a nutritional feed supplement also supports the natural digestive micro organisms in livestock, ideal for ruminants, poultry and swine. These micro organisms play a major role in the digestion and absorption of feed nutrients,


Important to note that BD contains no live (viable) organisms. It is not classified as a drug and requires no withdrawal period.

Saponin steroids act as catalyst or nutrient for aerobic micro organisms or aerobic bacteria. The saponin steroid talked about here are not anabolic as used by people to build body mass. These are metabolic.



  • Reduction in animal mortality rate
  • Increased production in dairy cows
  • Healthier hogs / Poultry
  • Increased egg production, with thicker eggshell
  • Healthier Turkey and Fowl

Biological Digest creates a favorable & healthier environment for the animals.

Eliminate Solid Waste

Any and all organic waste will beak down faster with the use of BD, a perfect choice for Sewage treatment plants and sewage systems. When waste is left untreated it solidifies, produces bad odor and ammonia making the waste hazardous to animal health.

Algae Control

Algae thrives in stagnant water conditions where nutrients are available in the form of nitrates and phosphorus.

BD controls the growth of algae and other nuisance plants by eliminating the organic waste needed as a food source for their survival. Ideal for Ponds, Dug-outs and other water hazard places.

Septic Tanks

Poor performing septic tanks can suffer from blocked pipes, bad odor. In such conditions, frequent pumping is required.

BD removes bad odor, keeps the pipes clean by breaking down the waste to eliminate the fat, oil and the grease.

Biological Digest is a highly concentrated blend of botanical Phyto-nutrients andSaponins designed to eliminate odors and accelerate the natural decomposition of the biodegradable component of the organic waste in the septic tanks, marine and RV holding tanks / portable toilets etc.

BIOLOGICAL DIGEST is effective in both aqueous and non-aqueous environments by stimulating the biomass within the treatment holding tank.



  • Eliminates Odor
  • Liquefies sludge
  • Resolves drain line problems
  • Suppresses pathogenic bacteria
  • Accelerate the digestion of solids



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