Stable Power

The Problem with Electricity...

Three General Causes...

External Surge: A brief spike in voltage varying from several hundred to multiple thousands of volts originating outside your facility (causes include Load shifting, lightning, generator switching, line shorts, etc.).

Internal Transient: A brief spike in voltage varying from several hundred to multiple thousands of volts originating inside your facility caused primarily by device switching, static discharge and arcing (sources include motors, transformers, relay coils, fluorescent light ballasts, breakers, switches, etc.).

Harmonics: Current or voltages with frequencies that are integer multiples (2X, 3X, etc.) of the base power frequency (60Hz - USA/Canada; 50Hz - Europe; etc) which corrupts the pure waveform of 'clean' electricity (most commonly caused by switched-mode power supply equipment such as PC's, laser printers, fax machines, TV's, battery chargers, adjustable speed drives, etc.).


  1. PROTECTS: Your valuable electronic and electrical equipment from destructive external surges, internal transients and harmonic distortion
  2. DECREASES: Electrical pollution that results in vibration, noise, and excessive wear and/or heating in all electrical devices
  3. ELIMINATES: Long term deteriorating effects of frequent surges of voltage transients on electrical and electronic equipment
  4. EXTENDS: The normal life of electrical appliances, motors, computers, light bulbs, radio equipment, air conditioners, shop machinery and refrigeration equipment-virtually everything using electricity
  5. REDUCES: Your cost of operating most electrical equipment and the costs of "downtime" and maintenance
  6. RESPONDS: With phenomenal speed when potentially destructive transient voltage surges strike-even when equipment is switched off
  7. RETURNS: To a normal passive state after the transient voltage surge has been diverted, ready to respond to the next surge in nanoseconds
  8. LOWERS: Your electrical bill by eliminating charges for 'ghost' electricity & halting compensatory electrical draw caused by 'dirty' electricity
  • Main unit installed adjacent to meter at Main Service Feed
  • Primary units installed at main panels in central plant
  • Secondary Units installed on electric panels throughout facility

Where's the 'Dirt' coming from...

A) Delivered to your Facility...

B) Generated in your Facility

Creating 'Dirty' Power...

While percentages may vary by region, the majority of the 'dirt' is always generated inside your facility!

A Partial List of Effects...

  • Direct Damage to equipment & facilities.
  • Premature failure of electrical distribution system components.
  • Lower operating efficiency of electrical devices, electronic circuitry, etc. resulting in increased electrical power consumption.
  • Premature failure of electrical/electronic equipment (plus downtime).
  • Data loss/corruption.
  • Charges for electricity that you DO NOT use ('ghost' electricity).

And that's just a few costs of 'dirty' electricity

When a transient occurs, a series of cause and effect reactions take place:

Transient produces sharp increase in voltage

  • Voltage Modulation creates resistance
  • Resistance results in heat
  • Heat decreases the efficiency of connected devices
  • Devices draw more amperage to maintain rated output

'Dirty' Power... One Chain of Events

The Net of this one Chain of Events?

You use more electricity to produce the same result!

And it's happening all day, every day...

Here's 'Clean' Electricity Compared to Examples of 'Dirty' Electricity

'Clean' Electricity will save you Money...

We Guarantee It! With stable power

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