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Internationally Accredited US Charter School

Accredited by NCA, CITA, Al and UNO. We are considered a high, core-academic international school system. A system which can easily be modified to meet the educational needs of any country and any syllabus. Effective integration of technology in education is a complex balance between the best of traditional education and new insights about how people learn by the use of technology to promote and enrich collaboration and communication and to enable new levels of learning in the classroom and for life.

This vision is called the "Connected Learning Community - CLC"

"In the Connected Learning Community, new computing devices, powerful software, and the global explosion in Web services combine to enable learning without limits - anytime, any place."

CLC & K-12 charter completes The School in a box concept. A world-class system of strategies that support the complex business of k-12 schools and educating children. They link together an international network of serious college preparatory, accredited schools and soft skill processes dedicated to preparing students for success in schools, college and in life, as leaders of their communities and the world.

Our Academic International Schools focus on world cultures, and what the child's responsibility is in the world to make it a better place. Through high academics and sophisticated, integrated use of technology; daily work in the school garden; student ambassadorships, career academy, character classes with executive protocol, art, music, and fitness; inside of individualized learning plans (ILP).

A child learns of their individual importance to the world.

Hundreds of schools in USA, UK, India and African countries are looking forward to having access to this International style education. Two successful such charter schools running in USA.

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