Lung Flute

Toothbrush for the Lung

The Lung Flute, a small hand held device, generates acoustic (sound) waves, which loosen, mobilize, and eliminates secretions deep in the lungs.

Generates resonance like a string instrument

Thins secretion by activating the aqueous phase and breaking the hydrogen bonds thinned Secretion, results in Patient coughing and clearing

Physiology of the Lungs

Human lungs possess a natural means for clearing lung secretions. Natural rhythmic 'beating' motion of cilia creates vibration between 16-25Hz. Frequency of oscillation keeps mucus phase in a liquid state, mucus fluid can now be easily moved by natural motion of cilia and Mucus is expelled by coughing or swallowing

Physics of the Lung Flute Acoustic sound waves are amorphous, and will travel deeper into the lung structure than conventional pulsed air device

Patient exhales through the Lung Flute -operating pressure of 2.0-2.5cm H2O

Reed oscillation, horn design and lung cavity act in parallel to produce sound frequency making the secretions thinner and more easily expelled by coughing. Lung Flute operation act in parallel to produce sound frequency between 16-25Hz.

Lung Flute supplements the natural mucus clearing system by artificially vibrating the airways and cilia.

The Advantages of Applied Acoustics

  • Acoustics waves travel deep into all the distal areas of the lungs
  • Operates at a low pressure; more compatible with many patients

COPD, Asthma, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Lung Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis


Airway Clearance / Bronchial Hygiene Therapy
The Lung Flute is a non-invasive device designed to improve gas exchange by mobilizing and
removing retained airway secretions

Diagnostic use:

Genotyping pulmonary TB, identifying infectious agents & inflammatory markers, cell-typing pneumonia, early detection of lung cancer

Drug discovery and research requiring deep lung sputum samples

Evidence Based Medicine

Completed Lung Flute Studies /Trials:

MA Sponsored

Northern Illinois University acoustic bench test -2003
UB/VA diagnostic clinical trial -2004
UB/VA therapeutic COPD clinical trial -2009
UB/VA therapeutic COPD clinical trial -long term 6 month study (funded by NYSTAR/State University of NY Research Grant) -2013

Third Party Sponsored

Perceptronix/St. Paul's Lung Cancer diagnostic trial -2007
Japanese TB diagnostic clinical trial -2007
Australia -Sydney Children's Hospital -Sputum induction in CF -2013
University of Maryland -"Evaluation of Lung Flute in Sputum Samples for the Analysis of Lung Cancer" -2013
Numerous therapeutic and diagnostic trials completed in the Philippines

Evidence Based Medicine Lung Flute Trials:

Buffalo, NY -UB/Buffalo General Medical Center -(NYSTAR Grant) PI Stanley Schwartz MD PhD, Division Chief -"Impact of Lung Flute Therapy on Asthma"

End points of ACT, PFT, FeNO

Tokyo, Japan -multi-site-Sputum induction for TB diagnosis. 100 patients.

Sydney, Australia -Concord Hospital

Lung Flute vs. Flutter randomized comparison trial in bronchiectasis. 68 patients. End points of sputum collection and weight


United States, Japan, China, India, EU


United States, Japan (Katakana),Madrid protocol, China, India, Taiwan

Government Regulatory Clearances

  • US FDA -510(k) Diagnostic (K 060439) and 510(k) Therapeutic (K 091557)
  • European Union CE Class 1
  • Canada, India, Japan, Singapore, Australia, India, Philippines and So. Korea
  • US CMS reimbursement codes issued:
  • HCPC E0484 -home care Bronchial Hygiene Therapy (BHT)
  • Reimbursed two (2) times per calendar year
  • CPT 94640 -out-patient induction


  • 2007 Frost & Sullivan: "Excellence in Technology"
  • 2009/10 Popular Science: "A Best Innovation of Year"
  • 2010 MD+DI: "Top 50 Companies to Watch"
  • Advanced Respiratory Care & Sleep Medicine, 2010 Tech Watch
  • 2011 Frost & Sullivan "Entrepreneurial Company of the Year, Pulmonary Devices"
  • 2012 WHO Medical Device Compendium of Innovative Health Technologies for Low-Resource Settings

Physician Testimonials

"The Lung Flute provides physicians with a modality to help patients clear their lungs of debilitating lung congestion and take more control over managing their COPD"

Sanjay Sethi, MD FACP Division Chief, UB School of Medicine

"The Lung Flute is really an excellent device. Everyone that I gave it to has said it is the best thing they have ever used, even my very severe asthmatic patients who struggle with secretions"

Serpil Ezurum MD, Pulmonary, Allergy, and Critical Care Medicine -Cleveland

"The device allows our therapists to focus their treatment times on functional training instead of performing conventional manual chest percussion/vibration for secretion clearance. The results have shown improved secretion clearance by the patient and increased efficiency in the utilization of our staff/treatment times based on functional improvement"

Marc Goldberg, MPT, Director Physical Therapy -NYU Medical Center

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