Over 30 years of experience in International Business Consulting,
Project Co-ordination, International marketing and Management.
We help with Real Estate Investments too

Notable Achievements
Community Outreach Programs, Grass Root Campaigns, Fund Raising,
Trade Shows & Corporate Training
We helped launch
Avon of USA in Dubai (UAE)
A door to door marketing concept in the very conservative Middle East Society
501 C3 Special needs school in Fremont
MAR KAY of the Pink Cadillac repute in India

While our consulting knows no boundaries
our Special emphasis is UAE, India and Africa.
We follow the growth pattern and are able to visualize
the projects related to this future growth

Consult with US companies
to help them find international presence
arrange Strategic alliances and or Joint Ventures

Lies in creating a marketing strategy around a given
Product or Service.
From research on it's marketing potential
to finding exactly the right collaborators.
We have an insight for planning and operational implementation necessary for
the success of the venture being pursued

Some comments by satisfied clients and business associates
"High degree of integrity and professionalism"
"Take on responsibility with great decision making skills"
"MMR has well thought out ideas for increased efficiency
and wonderful team work"

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