A method to reduce exhaust pollution

Fuel saver system for all gasoline, diesel cars and trucks up to 20 liters


Small light weight unit.
Picture from inside. Can fit in any car / truck


Hydrogen and Oxygen are inducted into the engine air stream to combine with incoming air (Nitrogen) of a combustion engine improving total fuel combustion inside the engine prior to exhaust discharge from the tailpipe.

Years of testing and development has produced an inexpensive product that can be installed on any fuel burning engine, reducing by 70 to 98% toxic exhaust emissions. Fuel economy improves due to total fuel combustion inside the engine, no carbon buildup and warm moist air exhaust.

  • Nox emissions and engine oil will stay clean
  • Cleans all carbon deposits in the engine – 70% cleaner
  • Exhaust and cat converters require less fuel to operate
  • Boosts the power and torque of large diesel trucks up to 20 liters improving grade and high altitude abilities
  • Minimum 20% improvement in fuel economy.

Our Hydrogen Energy Fuel Cell Clean Air Generator System provides safe, efficient, clean burning hydrogen for your vehicle from water.

The CLEAN AIR hydrogen ON-DEMAND system catalyst causes complete combustion of fuel within the engine, resulting in Fresh Clean Air from the exhaust pipe. Results may vary depending on driving conditions.

We produce safe clean wet Hydrogen from water that instantly disperses quickly blending into the air in the event of a leak or accident.

The safe low pressure system does not build up or store any Hydrogen in the vehicle.

Hydrogen Water Cells produce high energy Hydrogen and a separate Oxygen gas from water at very low 12 volt DC power, instantly without any POWER draw from the engine. Emissions are reduced, Power improves, Total fuel combustion within the engine, improves fuel economy, and cleaner exhaust emissions. No need for higher octane fuels, 87 octane fuel is OK.

All this from a few pennies of water (distilled) over several hundred miles of driving. No changes to a vehicles existing emissions systems, timing or changes to the on board computer needed, just two small holes into the air induction system to feed the gases.

All systems use relays and fuses to protect the units and the existing vehicle electrical systems. System is transferable to another vehicle

Each vehicle will have a Emissions Exemptions approval lable installed and approved by the State of California ARB, that is necessary for SMOG inspections and DMV registration


Reduces wear and tear of the engine due to fast eomplete combustion of fuels reducing heat in the engine – Hydrogen exits tailpipe fast.

Enhanced fuel economy – 70% - 98%

Reduces need for complete oil change. Just replace filter and add oil to fill up. Just add 1 quart of new oil (synthetic) every 5000 miles or more

Vehicles will last longer before tune-ups and repair/replacement

No gunk buildup in crankcase or cylinder heads, less maintenance required. Vehicle runs better and cooler. No crankcase fumes.

No need for premium fuels. 10% - 50% savings (dependent on driving conditions)

Enhanced combustion causes complete incineration of poisons, toxins, particulate matter and consumption of carbon in fossil fuels.

Older vehicles will be used for extended life cycles. No need to replace equipment or trucks.

Hydrogen / Oxygen vapor induction results in more power and performance, causing less strain on Engines, transmissions, gears and axles

Only Light throttle pressure needed to maintain speed level

Heavy duty diesel trucks have better power to climb grades and hills with cleaner oil and engine exhaust

Turns a regular vehicle in “hybrid”. Owners have reported an average of 40% less fuel consumption

Water fuel system works while the vehicle is being driven. NO NEED to fill up from Hydrogen stations. Fits all and any vehicle

Companies may exchange Carbon footprints / credits.


  • Odor from discharge disappear in minutes
  • Light touch on gas pedal to maintain speed. Power boost in passing acceleration evident
  • Very little water needed in 500 – 700 miles of travel
  • Lower soot discharge on Diesel vehicle under acceleration
  • The unit has been installed for the last 7 years.
  • Each year the smog test has show 99% reduction in emissions and carbon build up.
  • Smog test certificate attached
  • The units can be manufactured to fit into any vehicle once we have the configuration.


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