An Organic Environmentally Friendly Soil Conditioner

MG is NOT a herbicide, pesticide or a fertilizer

It is a liquid, soil and seed treatment.

It contains a combination of SAPONIN (soap) and natural phytosterols found in the Schidigera Cactii in the US commonly called Mojave Cactii.

ORGANIC STRESS – a factor which prevents water or nutrients from absorption by plants, is often a result of too much or too little moisture, compacted soil, improper PH balance or a scarcity of organic fiber in the soil. MG addresses these stress conditions, resulting in healthier more productive plants.

MAXIMUM GROWTH contains two active ingredients which work synergistically.

  1. Phytosterols - Natural vegetable / plant steroids – enhance the microbiological activity in the soil speeding up the conversation of available organic matter into a useable food source for plants, resulting in stronger and faster root development which enables plants to weather stress more affectively.
  2. Saponin – natural soap, is a wetting agent which increases cell membrane permeability, thus enhancing the utilization of available moisture.


When MAXIMUM GROWTH is introduced into the soil, the friendly aerobic bacteria produce the enzymes necessary for the breakdown of organic material in the soil. Natural food is generated when this organic material breaks down intoits simplest form.




But like a horse you cannot make it drink

But we can!!!!


The saponin contained in MG is a surfactant or wetting agent that when applied allows water to access the root system more efficiently. This results in the plant developing a healthier root system giving it greater access to water and nutrients.

Furthermore, this larger root system will add additional organic material for the soil, which will subsequently be broken down into food for the re- growth of plants. MG reduces “ponding” while allowing plants the benefit of increased nutrients available in the water.

Routine application of MG will reduce compaction, increase water penetration and help leach salts back in the soil. In addition, increased organics in the soil will keep it loose allowing more oxygen to penetrate, by sustaining their growthMore oxygen to penetrate – thus encouraging the ‘aerobic bacteria’ by sustainingtheir growth and reproduction and to keep this effective cycle going.

TESTS have shown a yield increase of over 30% in spring wheat with an application rate of 4 oz per acre. As an added benefit it also reduces the amount of fertilizer by about 30% per annum.


DRYLAND FARMING: Apply 1.5 Oz (40 ml) of maximum growth per acre into the seed to be planted by drip method at the intake of the auger. Additional application per 2 oz per acre can be applied as a foliar spray at the 3rd. leaf stage.

PULSES – VEGETABLES – ORCHARDS – ½ oz (15 ml) of MG per acre with enough water to obtain even distribution. Reapeat every 60 days. MG can be mixed with fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides.

IRRIGATED GRASSLANDS – Apply 3.5 oz (100ml) of MG per acre each out.

GOLF COURSES – PARKS – RECREATIONAL AREAS – Mix 10 0z (280 ml) of MG per acre with enough water for even distribution. Repeat every 60 days.

LAWNS AND GARDENS - Mix 1 oz (28ml) of MG per every 1000 sq.ft to be treated with enough water to obtain even distribution.

HOUSEHOLD PLANTS – Mix ½ tsp of MG per gallon of water once a month withregular watering.



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