Today, Dubai it is the center of the world commerce. It is the busiest commercial city of United Arab Emirates. Located in the center of the world from the East and the West.

Dubai boasts of 272 hotels, 30 shopping malls. With over 5 million foreign visitors a year, Its airport has become a major hub with a capacity to handle nearly 60 million passengers a year.

Over 100 world airlines link Dubai to 145 destinations worldwide. Emirates Airline has non-stop services to key U.S. cities, which gives Americans direct access to UAE without having to change flights in Europe.

In this desert, we have "Dubai Land", a 19 billion dollar theme park, twice the size of Disney World.

Dubai boasts of,the world's tallest building, the world's most expensive hotel-the Burj Al Arab, and the world's largest man-made harbor -Jebel Ali. A tax-free zone, which is the cargo hub of the Middle East with over 2,500 companies operating from there.

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