Wind energy can be produced
anywhere in the world where the
wind blows with a moderately
strong and consistent force.

Windier locations produce more energy, which lowers the cost of producing electricity. Moderate to excellent wind resources are found in most regions of the world. Although mountainous areas generate the greatest raw wind power in the country.

It is costly to harness wind on rocky terrains. More than 90% of flat land is exposed to wind, while mountain regions experience wind only on their ridge crests, meaning that they can harness approximately 45% of regional winds. Wind turbines have minimal impact on the land on which they sit.

WIND MILLS reduce dependence on fossil fuels, provide added income for the communities served, and provide well-paying, secure jobs.

Renewable Energy Generation &
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Facility

We are a wind turbine and solar concentrator photovoltaic energy (CPV) product designer, developer and manufacturer whose CEO and senior staff have collectively over 75 years in the renewable energy field. Our state-of-the-art, innovative designs are particularly suited for developing countries, due to the ease of technology transfer that includes training components at all levels of facility operations including business administration for workforce development.

Our Vertical Axis Wind Turbine consists of the following major components and sub-assemblies:

  1. Engineering Drawings
  2. Permanent Magnet Generator 1 kilowatt to 100 kilowatt rated. (variable speed)
  3. electric Control Panel
  4. Power Converter System
  5. Tower: Steel Conical Tubular (in certain models as an option)
  6. Maintenance manual(s): Turbine System & Electronics
  7. Other Miscellaneous items


  • Hub assy
  • Spool Hub Assy
  • Outer Support
  • Inner Support
  • Base Assy
  • Blade Assy
  • Single or Dual Turbine System Assy
  • Front and Top View Wind Turbine System
  • Dual Turbine System on tower (option for this unit only)
  • Shaft-Flange Assy

Permanent Magnet Generator:

  • Permanent magnet generator 1 kilowatt to 100 kilowatt rated at 25 mph & 250 to 150 rpm
  • Panel Electric Cable Connection & Heat Sensors

Main Electric Control Panel:

  • Controls for wind Turbine System
  • Controls for Power Converter System

Power Converter System:

  • PM Power Module, Air/liquid Cooled
  • Power Module kit

The following table illustrates the advantages of our vertical axis technology over conventional horizontal axis designs:

1. Pleasant look and neighborhood friendly 1. Generally not appealing
2. More environmental friendly and preferred 2. Unfriendly. Environmental group(s) complains
3. Unlikely to injure/kill bird and bats 3. Media reported of bird/bats injured or killed
4. No noise or minimal 4. Very noisy most of the time
5. Very little maintenance throughout its life
(between 1% and 3% annually)
5. High maintenance on gear boxes, blades and generator (between 2% to 12% annually)
6. Blade(s) can be replaced on platform 6. It is impossible to do on nacelle
7.Require no heavy duty equipments for maint. 7. Required heavy duty equipments for maint.
8. Require no outside power for braking. No
pitching and/or yawing required
8. Required power for braking, blade pitching and yawing
9. No gear box to worry about brake down and
repair or noise or need lubrication or maintenance
9. Gear box is a major issue for brake down, noise oil leakage and replacement. High oil leakage and require heavy equipment to move around
10. Maintenance can be done on turbine with
light hand tools
10.Maintenance can't be done on tower top nacelle, unless just oil adding or lubrication)
11. Good for rural community development 11.Not suitable for rural community dev.
12. Can be assembled or disassembled easily 12.Assembly and dis-assembly is very difficult
13. Easy for road or ocean transportation 13.Not easy on either way transportation
14. No wind shade 14.Wind shade is a constant issue
15. Does not interfere with radar signals 15.There are complains about radar signal distortion
16. Can be installed in modular form 16.Can't be installed in modular form
17. Can be installed on structural buildings 17.Can't be installed on structural buildings
18. No need for giant blades and tall towers 18.Requires large blades and tower for same
19. Lower installation cost, higher kW cost 19.Lower kW cost but higher installation cost
20. Stackable, hence better land utilization 20.Non stackable
21. Likely to create more jobs for locals 21.Likely jobs in metropolis area due to their sizes
22. Can be stand alone or utility inter tie 22.Mostly utility inter tie use
23. No air turbulence's 23.Creates air turbulence's
24. No electronic interference on aircraft radar 24.EMF is a big problem and concerns are voiced
25.Over all very cost effective for off grid 25.Over all very expensive and has to be tied to grid
26. Approval and permitting easy and lest cost 26.Approval and permitting time consuming & costly
27.Works w/o transmission lines 27. Can't be used w/o costly transmission lines

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