Clean Water


Water is not "just water"

anymore and has become

the beverage of choice

for millions people

around the world



"New water science" Enhanced and Alkaline (9.0 Ph)
"Functional water" future for bottled water and the treatment of municipal drinking water.

Technology to uniquely ionize and electrochemically enhance water and other nutritional products with electrical and energetic information and formulas that can enhance the cellular function, and thus help improve the overall health and wellness of the body.

Technology that represents the future in the treatment and processing of ordinary bottled, tap or source waters. It is believed that this technological know-how and advantage will have far-reaching benefits within the bottled water, energy & vitamin enhanced beverage category, and health and wellness industries.

Smarter Water for Smarter Water Chemistry

Utilizing a proprietary procedure, involving a variety of media to filter and eliminate all inorganic minerals, residues, pesticides, insecticides, heavy metals and other pathogens. The water is broken down through a multiple-stage filtration process to pure water. A specific bio-chemically balanced formula of organic macro and trace minerals and electrolytes are reintroduced and then the water undergoes ionization. This ionization alters the waters molecular structure resulting in smaller bond angles, greater ability to form micro-clusters, increased acceptance by the cellular aqua-porin (the gate-keeper into the cell) ultimately creating a smarter water that is wetter, has the appropriate mineral formulation to cross the cell barrier in order to hydrate and cleanse the cell more efficiently.

The Coming era of Wellness and Anti-Aging that begins with Water

We are in the early stages of multiple revolutions in wellness and anti-aging, spawned by the intersection of new water science, biology, and bio-nano-technology. With the decoding of the genome and our efforts to decode its expression in proteins, many new and powerful methodologies are emerging in the life sciences that begin with our body's primary physiology of water. For the first time in the history of the world, we have an opportunity to go where we have never gone before in health care and do something really significant for the future of all of humanity.

A New Species of "Hydrogen Rich" Drinking Water

New "Functional Drinking Water Species" which may be the world's most powerful antioxidant, due to its Hydrogen Rich environment. "Functional" Water like "functional" foods has enhanced energy and ingredients that are not naturally available.


Ordinary Water Functional Water

A new water standard and a Water-Based Wellness System that will turn the tap into "A Fountain of Health" and transform the future of bottled water, health and wellness and the life sciences of anti-aging and longevity.

"You may never Drink Ordinary Water Again"
"Hydrogen Rich" Drinking Water

Our universe is composed of millions of compounds, all derived from 106 atoms. Of these elements, hydrogen is the first and most fundamental. Hydrogen is also the most abundant element, comprising 90% of all atoms in the cosmos. In our sun and stars, hydrogen nuclei fuse to produce helium, the second element. This generates the enormous energy that powers life on earth. And just as hydrogen fuels the sun, it also fuels the health and wellness of the human body. Hydrogen is the essential factor in the electrochemical process that produces ATP, the energy molecule. Virtually millions of biochemical processes that occur every second of our lives are powered by hydrogen and ATP.

The Power of Active Hydrogen

Typically, hydrogen has one positively charged proton in the nucleus and one negatively charged electron orbiting the nucleus. The two opposite charges balance each other, resulting in no charge. Active hydrogen, on the other hand, contains two electrons orbiting the nucleus, creating a negative charge. It is this active hydrogen in its charged form that the body needs to carry out its crucial functions. Scientists in Japan, believe this may be one of the most significant wellness and longevity breakthroughs yet discovered. Its properties, however, go far beyond energy generation. It is the body's most efficient and effective antioxidant. In addition our Water is structured to have smaller water clusters and a reduced surface tension for enhancing "cellular" and body hydration.

  • purified of all natural and man-made contaminants
  • Re - mineralized with bio-chemical balance of mineral and electrolytes that are in the same ratio as the "intra-cellular" fluids
  • Structured to have smaller water clusters and a reduced surface tension for enhancing cellular and body hydration
  • Ionized with a mild-alkalinity (9.0 ph) with delightfully smooth and refreshing taste

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