Earthquake Safe Homes

Also known as Eco-friendly Domes

THESE ROUND homes can survive tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes,fire, and insects



One of the strongest, most energy-efficient, virtually indestructible but affordably priced homes available today involves inflating a giant balloon and then completing the structure by working inside that balloon.

That's a quick one liner description of our building process. It's probably very different from any home construction you may have seen or experienced.

Our round Dome shaped home--regardless of size--takes only four major ingredients:

  1. The balloon – inflate with a fan
  2. Polyurethane foam insulation,
  3. Reinforcing steel or rebar,
  4. Cement / concrete.

All are of the highest quality and easily obtained, but their use does not negatively impact our environment.

Our construction process is relatively simple and streamlined: The baloon is stabilized and inflated; then work continues in its interior, unhampered by weather or nightfall.


A circular concrete slab floor is reinforced with steel rebar.

Vertical steel bars are embedded in the outer edge of the foundation to support the dome.

Blower fans inflate an Air-balloon made of PVC coated nylon or polyester fabrics.

The balloon swells to assume the shape of the structure.

A grid of vertical and horizontal rebar surrounds the exterior of the balloon. 2 or 3 inches of concrete is applied over the rebar grid.

After the concrete is dry, the balloon-form is removed from the inside. The balloon-form can be re-used.

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Multipurpose Communitee Center






Dreamy, earth-sheltered homes whose tops and sides are completely covered with earth.



Homes are often built into a hill, that usually have an exposed side and roof.BUT we've designed really dreamy, earth-sheltered homes whose tops and sidesare completely covered with earth.

The big reason why we can do that is Our Dome has the strength to bear the added weight. Generally, the engineering only calls for a small increase in concrete thickness and rebar size. Of course, a buried dome's footing must be larger, but that's not a problem.

But why would anyone want to live like a gopher?

Life in the earth-sheltered and earth-bermed homes we've completed is comfortable, safe, and very energy efficient. It favorably compares to or excels life in aboveground homes.

We are experienced in designing and constructing domes that are partially or totally earth-covered. We also have information on factors that need special attention when planning to live underground, such as the importance of super insulation, dehumidification to combat condensation and mold, code compliance and soil analysis.


Chimney in the house



Advantages of Dome style Round Construction:

  1. Round Homes use half as much concrete and steel as traditional buildings.
  2. The curved shape of the roof makes it resistant to wind and storm damage
  3. During earthquakes, round houses move with the ground instead of collapsing.
  4. Our round homes cannot be damaged by fire, rot, or insects
  5. The thermal mass of the concrete walls makes curved dome like roof energy-efficient



Make the fronts to your liking!



Earthquake-proof - up to 8 points rector scale
Hurricane-proof - typhoon
Energy-efficient - up to 50%


Can be obtained by making a 4-Plex Floor Plan.
2 Bedroom and 2 Bath round home can be customized into a 4-Plex
Each Unit in the 4-Plex having 750 sq ft of living space,
total of: 3,000 sq ft living space per 4-Plex.


Building Eco-shells in India

The Late President of India Abdul Kalam came to inspect construction of one of Tower's Eco-Shells. First project started in the Tsunami affected areas in southern India.

Tower 1

Late President Abdul Kalam

50 acres in Hyderabad, India's high-tech city

The domes acts as information silos


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